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LifeMed ID Smart Cards Enhance “Meaningful Use”

Life Med ID is the leading Smart Card USA provider for securing patient ID and access to electronic medical records.  The system is the latest technology that can help hospitals and integrated medical groups to meet the new HITECH act “meaningful use” guidelines.  The system is a web based system that integrated to other EMR systems to aggregate the patient’s medical records into a single holistic medical record system.

Current implementations of the system have yielded patient benefits in faster registration at the admit station for the hospitals and clinics.  Patient wait times have decreased from 18 minutes to 3 minutes, a significant improvement in initial encounters and satisfaction.  Life Med also has self-service kiosks that can be deployed in the lobby of facilities that can read the smart cards, and help patients with encounter forms and registration.  Patients can also login to view their own medical information with a web browser.  In emergencies, EMT personell can have satellite connected smart card readers to view critical patient medical information. read more