MDV1.com is focused on highlighting the innovations of the healthcare industry, innovations that provide  increased efficiency, safety, and benefits to patients and the entire ecosystem.  In this process, we provide insight into the venture capital firms that are in the specific spaces.  We help bring the inventors and investors together.

The Medical Device Industry innovates to create safer instruments for improved surgical outcomes.

The Healthcare IT  Industry is undergoing significant advances with the advent of the HITECH act and creating “meaningful use” of healthcare information that will provide better patient care and service.

These advances would not be possible without the vision of the leaders and the vision of the investors.  Following these dreams is the journey that will produce such incredible new results.

We will highlight innovative companies and the investment community that is following the journeys of these amazing companies.  Please join our community and participate in the quest for new knowledge, and the adventure that accompanies that quest.

Thank You

Jose Bolanos CEO