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Airstrip OB

Airstrip technologies (http://airstriptech.con) is a medical software company that has developed a platform for delivering critical information to mobile devices. Their first product Airstrip OB delivers fetal monitor strip information directly to the ob/gyn physician’s mobile device. They deliver to iPhone and iPad and the value is significant for both mother and baby. While a woman is in labor, the fetal monitor strip shows critical information regarding the health of the fetus during labor. Up until now, the doctor had to communicate with the nurse and get a second hand report on the monitor strip. Now, the monitor tracing and data is viewed instantly by the doctor. The patient feels reassured that she is not alone, the ob/gyn is viewing her progress even though he/she is not at her bedside.

This is a significant advance that creates a new kind of physician, one that is more informed and able to react to critical life changing events. Airstrip OB is a wonderful new technology that makes the doctor and hospital top notch providers of the best medical care. Airstrip technologies, way to go!

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