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LifeMed ID Smart Cards Enhance “Meaningful Use”

Life Med ID is the leading Smart Card USA provider for securing patient ID and access to electronic medical records.  The system is the latest technology that can help hospitals and integrated medical groups to meet the new HITECH act “meaningful use” guidelines.  The system is a web based system that integrated to other EMR systems to aggregate the patient’s medical records into a single holistic medical record system.

Current implementations of the system have yielded patient benefits in faster registration at the admit station for the hospitals and clinics.  Patient wait times have decreased from 18 minutes to 3 minutes, a significant improvement in initial encounters and satisfaction.  Life Med also has self-service kiosks that can be deployed in the lobby of facilities that can read the smart cards, and help patients with encounter forms and registration.  Patients can also login to view their own medical information with a web browser.  In emergencies, EMT personell can have satellite connected smart card readers to view critical patient medical information.

The LifeMed system can integrate with a hospital’s EMR and billing systems to maintain data integrity.  David Batchelor, CEO of Life Med ID, says that the system enables “a single ID and single medical record” hence decreasing problems with duplicate medical records or duplicate IDs.  The benefits also include improving insurance billing data for enhaned claims capture revenue.

Hospital IT departments are under greater pressures to increase the return on investments in new technologies.  The significant improvements made to date also come with problems in disparate systems and vendors, and problems that one system will not “talk” with another system.  The LifeMed System has a central database that communicates with the hospital and medical group to create a central information bank that improves the existing benefits of the other systems by enhancing data access with a secure key, the smart card.  “CIOs  are requesting IT technology that is easy to implement, secure, and provide a productivity benefit to the bottom line, and LifeMed ID is our answer”, says Mr Batchelor.

Fraud prevention has been a significant concern for Medicare and significant efforts are being made to combat it.  The American taxpayer is the ultimate victim, with Medicare Fraud costing up to $60 Billion annually. It is interesting that IT experts still believe in the use of identification cards that have only an embossed number or magnetic stripe.  The ability to abuse the id number and to bill fraudulently has been highlighted by a recent episode of  60 minutes television program.  Using a smart card that has a contact microchip prevents the abduction of the ID number as in proximity (contactless RFID) cards.  In essence, increased security of the microchip smart card is more expensive than the regular magnetic stripe card, but the benefits are significant in preventing fraud.

For more information:
David Batchelor
LifeMed ID Systems
6349 Citrus Heights, CA 95621
Phone: 1-888-550-6550

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